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Nachtstrom - Flush CD-R

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Nachtstrom started making music on computers in 1995, sending demos out on tapes. made friendships with the boys of mego in 1997. In this year were also first concerts, and more concerts in 1998. the year after saw the release of "17 songs after midnight" on mego, the first beat-oriented album on that label. since then dr.nachtstrom has played various festivals including "exit" and "batofar" in paris, france and other festivals in denmark, norway and germany.
Flush is owing a lot to the genres of dark ambient and drone, but not just fulfilling their rules. Has Nachtstrom invented a new style? Maybe. But even if not, the music is definietely worth a listen!
A special edition limited of 10 copies of this release was available only at the Interpenetration Festival. It came with additional artwork and on a vinyl fake cd. The disc sold here is the standard edition with reduced artwork and regular CD-R plate.

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