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Kim Cascone/Kotra/Andreas Berthling/Andrey Kiritchenko - Fourfold Symmetry CD

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Continuality of music evolution fits nicely into the original Darwinian concept. Nevertheless, there is one major difference: the evolution of any musician or band, the latter often fashionably referred to as projects, a journey into the yet untrodden, often unnamed, labyrinths of rhythm and sound combinations, melodies and chaotic sounds begins with a firm definition of the starting point. Like all journeys, this one has its diaries, and the title reads: Fourfold Symmetry. The project team is a colourful illustration to the concept of pure communication within the creative context practiced by a number of recognized masters of the chosen style. Diverse locations, creative concepts, musical preferences, perception, and experience were mixed and fused together into a unique artifact presented on the disk.

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