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Chaos Through Programming - I condemn you to death and stuff CD-R

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It's not often that we announce live discs on Retinascan, mostly because little of the bands and projects we manage really achieve to make a difference when they hit the stage. Push The Button label head Rasmus Svensson made an outstanding way from his first noise bricolage tracks to the brilliant Grave Rave disc of last year, involving more and more pop influences - could be triggered by Jason Forrest/Donna Summer inventions, but nonetheless develops his own impact. And everyone who may have the possibility to listen to the recordings of this years tour compiled on "I condemn you to death", may bite his ass that he hasn't been there and pogued around with the rest of the crowd. The great new twist is Svensson singing - adding the missing wave flavor to the formerly quite academic cut up experiments. Pop for 2020, only 21 minutes long but substantial and still funny after the 30th listen - my number one distributed disc of 2006!!

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