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Antanas Kucinskas - Index Nodorum/Kilpu Katalogas/Loop Catalogue CD-R

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"I am an omnivorous parasite and make music, which feeds on existing music, grows at its expense and finally destroys it", says the composer Antanas Kucinskas. This rather provocative statement not only lays bare one of his essential composing principles, but also reveals his general stance, especially when speaking about the secrets of his creative laboratory - he lays out all his cards on the table at once.
In his works, Kucinskas remains unabashedly open and straightforward, so that one can instantly grasp how the music is done, and what it's all about. He doesn't hide behind sophisticated structures or superfluous comments; instead he sets forth simple concepts in a clever and elegant way.
On Index Nodorum, these structures are built up by microsamples of given material, that is manipulated by very simple digital techniques like looping and layering, which often reminds of old tape techniques. The barenakedness of these pieces then is very much "in yer face" but at the same time edgy and mysterious, and if just because it's so difficult to arrange with the obvious.

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