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The Love Songs - Some Protest Music For Today's Youth CD-R

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Drone-music is interesting if you can╣t figure out where the different elements come from, and it╣s even better if you hear things that happen ?between the tracks.
60╣s minimal-music composers like riley, glass or reich were experimenting with such effects by extreme repetition and orchestral multilayering. when brian eno created his "music for airports", he intended to find a new form of music, neither addicted to classical nor pop-music. He later invented the term ambient music, which was one of the most misused genre filing later on. The new the love songs album is drone but not ambient, nice but no tapestry, listenable, but not for the coffetable. It combines the work of rather guitar orientated groups/projects like item, jasmin, wixel, tupolev and milhaven with the stoic mixing and rearranging skills of the love songs. There's not much to find out about the exact way of collaboration between the both parts, but the result is warm and dense and thrilling.

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