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Frank Difficult - Diary Pt. 3 CD-R

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  1. Producing Eggs From A Borrowed Hat
  2. Signals Upside-down -mp3-
  3. Possession No.1
  4. Head Cleaning
  5. My Programmable Oven-Virus -mp3-
  6. Possession No.2 -mp3-
  7. Drum Solo #1
  8. The Cavity
  9. Bitter Goose
  10. Desperate Yesterdays
  11. Dark Chocolate Cursed Mountain
  12. Dim Little Sound Carnival
  13. Possession No.3
  14. Going
  15. Gone -mp3-
  16. The Angelic Castration

3rd part of Frank Difficults tetralogy, that was originally planned to represent a season each, but then turned out else for reasons that may be too personal to write down here. Nonetheless, Difficults releases slowly - we may say - prismatically - change their character. After the dense and almost friendly second part, the latecoming autumnal part three is sketchy, torn and breathless. Golden moments hidden under loads of sample bricks and analogue effects, tape manipulations and the usual moments of genius madness. For more info see also part 1 and part 2

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