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Japanese Karaoke Afterlife Experiment - selftitled 3"CD-R

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If you dig spastic beats that flutter around in a distorted no-wave manner. sweaty armpits and bringing back the 'mosh' to experimental music. this drums/synth duo shits on your front porch with a vicious smile on their face. Japanese Karaoke Afterlife Experiment is everything their name promises. It is an experiment in music. orchestrated dance noise music. skits. masquerading personas that speak for themselves. involving you like a dirty psychedelic soap opera. the party. the good times.They've been often described as sounding like an overheated robot malfunction. a gruesome fact that ain't far from the truth either. Someone mumbles They make Lightning Bolt look like The Clientele! - Yeah and for the record they're from Providence and they do wear masks... Packaged in full color stencil-printed oversized jackets by enfant terrible Dennis Tyfus. Limited to only 150 copies and flaming hot.

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