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Various Artists - Fok Rotkop Magazine 3"CD-R

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Some organisms are responsible for their own decay. Pigs resemble the human body in it's fat distribution. cover of hair and ability to attract insects. These facts make pigs and their purulent characteristics the next best thing to humans when it comes to understanding the rise and fall of the piglet Rotkop Magazine. An eager festal exhumation that lasted a little over a year... Now fingers claw at the coffin lids and ulcerated flesh is munched. Their last recipe is now also their epitaph. 13 sickly obsessed rotten remains gloriously 'saved' from the Rotkop archives including such slavering worms as Crank Sturgeon - Origami Genitalia - Fever Spoor - Wrong - Noisebitch - Gone - Eeyow Karoom - Aaronquinn - Skt Adolf - Cock ESP - Komafuzz - De Hondenkoekjesfabriek and Psychatrone Rhonedakk... geez. Packaged in sugarsweet stencil-printed mini-comic/booklet by Antwerp's sharpest outsider rat Jelle Crama. Stoned liners by Awesome Donovan. Tiny harsh noise claws and pocket-sized demonic fun. More effective than the best pick-up line and limited to only 161 copies... Co-released with partners in crime Imvated and JC Industries.

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