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The Polka Dot Sunflower Bed Orchestra - Mini Hollywood CD-R

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The mystic atmosphere of the Finnish woods continues to grace the corners of our ears. Out of the shadows steps The Polka Dot Sunflower Bed Orchestra. having almost no connection to Tampere's free-folk scene. Dwelling in crackling bedroom nostalgia and chanting psychedelic pop. with their second album they craft a dense psychedelic universe where toy instruments and hissing tape are statues amongst an oceanic blanket of acoustics. Slightly twisted vocals over guitar murk. chiming percussion and unexpected turns to let your mind wander through sinister forests. Primitive but so whole heartedly pure they're summoning a ghost both far-out and cosy. They've been described as a gentle cross between the Elephant 6 collective. Syd Barrett and Kemialliset Ystavat's psych/folk escapes. Limited to only 150 copies. packaged in stencil-printed sewn 10 inch covers by Jelle Crama.

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