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Herv - Customer CD

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First I had to double check I'd put the right CD in. I mean, where are the glitchy beats and random noises? Konnektquartet opens with a wealth of warm strings, before reassuringly giving way to Herv's inimitable blend of breakcore. Food Ghost's shouty and frenetic pulse and Decisions Decisions' nintendo-esque stop-start underplay both follow suit, delivering substance to match the melodies of 2003's excellent Snap Hands. Dissolve adopts a more ambient stance, playing things out a slower but no less sinister pace, while the sytlish Chipcore No. 7 gives way to techno snatches between layers of imagination. MPME's fractured methodology is ice cool, while Exhaustion pretty much does exactly that. Always nudged towards the darker side of abstract, it may take a while to find exactly what you're looking for on Customer. Herv offers electronica from an alternative perspective; real electronica, some would say. Rather than just offering pretty songs that happen to be made from beats rather than instruments, Herv alters the structure completely, delving into something far more complex but ultimately also more rewarding.
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