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Various Artists - Red Bridge CD

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As yet unreleased in the UK, this compilation from intriguing Dublin label, Risc, is a lovely artefact: all soft, grainy paper and rich b/w photography. Inside, (...) Betamax Format start of proceedings with a tense, wibbling scuttle of a track, followed by the accomplished Northstation. They like their sparse soundscapes, these Dublin people, and their distant dub, as Bird on Wire and The Last Sound show. Sampled bells by Lakker; some Slint-like goings on from Maersk. Eerie, elegant mbira from Fancygoods, redolent of Victor Gama's Pangenia Instrumentos. Twitchy, clanging electronica from Herv, and the aforementioned Rollers/Sparkers sped up joy-chat-lunacy.
Like Edinburgh's Benbecula Records, Risc are another good reason to go looking far away from London for your experimental rock and electronica kicks.
(taken from: Frances May Morgan, Plan B Magazine)

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