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Betamax Format - XXX Robot/Raus! Raus! 7" vinyl

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Housed in a dizzying op-art sleeve, this is the heavy-duty vinyl debut single from Dublin's Betamax Format. As their name suggests, old-skool lo-fi electronics are on hand and both these tunes will regulate yr heartbeat in different ways. 'XXX Robot' is punky slab of motorik melodicism, with serrated guitars strangled over analogue dronetones and 8-bit squiggles, while excellent dynamics fuse string and synth and wave and wire into an infectious, giddy invigoration. 'Raus! Raus!' on the flipside is a kontemplative krautrocky groove, gently pulsating with whirrs and a guitar that seems to be attempting to communicate in Morse code, kinda like The Rapture (if they were good at dubby instrumentals) trapped in honey. Then the plug gets pulled and you got no other choice but to flip this fine record over and start again.
(Keith Wallace, "Do Something Pretty")

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