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Dan Warburton & Tu'M - Missing in Africa CD-R

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These loopy fruits bear genetic traces of a non-idiomatic improv harvest-field and of the biogenetic cut-up rhetorics that have redirected their evolution - the violin, digitally unwound, dispersed & re-looped, to arise resurrected as a screeching, synthetical though breathing thumbpiano (!) - into something of a strange kind of world music; specifically, a take at sub-saharan ethnological electro-acoustic improv, a music which as regards its concrete fruits could even be deemed 'conventional', were its actual genesis not achieved by such a wholly different trajectory. But, although conceivable from the aspect of the innate alterity hidden behind the waning mask of Old Europe - an alterity constituted by the contemporary leakages plaguing Fort Europe, an ever sinking vessel under perpetual repair in a open sea of migrational forces as old as humanity; and by the indeterable return of the repressed / oppressed that have borne the weight of Europe's rising - this music's pseudepigraphic signature just as well bears witness to the logical truism that there are as many ways leading to Rome (and Paris) as vice versa. liner notes by Mark Pauwen

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