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Scott Taylor - Five Dreams For Sleepers CD-R

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In the wake of 'Silence' - how else shall we characterize the output-less period between his 'Castaway' release on Con-v and the recent collaborative release on Entr'acte? - or maybe rather out of this silence comes Scott Taylor's second release in about as many months. Compared to his previous work the sense of a certain (highly qualified) 'naivetée' is still retained, although now more poignantly constituted by a sense of purpose, an intentional structure, a cristallized, individual PRESENCE, bearing the proportions of these silential dimensions of its origin. An awe-filled sense of simplicity, of purity remains, most importantly with regards to the music's non-artificial character of spirit. It may be a strange place to find such emotional honesty - in a small niche of very composed and contained avantgarde electronics - which one would ordinarily rather search for in some scratchy howling blues-recording; but it is exactly here that the cards are shuffled and the truth is laid out. The point is made, the picture is presented, the map is spread out to embark from there on an exotic journey back into the white heart of blissful 'Silence'. liner notes by Mark Pauwen

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