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Harry Merry - village life in 1905 7"Vinyl

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Harry's keyboard has been producing Bach, Beatles and some clever barrel organ sounds ever since Harry got his organ back from the factory. Where he had send it with the task to rearrange it so it could produce the sounds and structures he needed. Harry Merry's hilarious apearance and total baroque musical style is often misunderstood in the popscene, mainly seen as a funny gimmick. He first got recognised in the Rotterdam artscene as a representant of typical dutch avantgarde music. Like Willem Breuker uses march music, Harry uses the street organ sound and sings with a strong dutch accent and puts these typical elements in a new perspective. Harry is a talented composer being ironic and absurd, singing in his own unique way about the Panorama paper, moody busdrivers and Hoydenish Ambrosial.

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