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Various Artists - Directions In American Noise 4CD-R box

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A. Winter Carousel
Letter to the Entomological Society of Antarctica

1. Maggotscratch -mp3
2. The Whole 6 PM -mp3-
3. Betty Butter
4. Dumb (Fourth Take Mix) -mp3-
5. A Tumble Rambunctious (live)
6. Madame Crush
7. Back Beat Beetle
8. Insect Autumn -mp3-
9. Rabid Boy Escapes (live)

Great industrial stuff from the Insect Deli Camp Chicago. These two bugs tear down houses... The machinist gave me a hint to have a listen after he saw one of their live shows. Are they from Klendathu? Is this the beginning of a world domination plan? We don't know, but be sure we'll be with them if they track down the human kind...

B. Jon.Dus
Alone In Here

  1. alone in here
    1. you'll never know my true intentions
    2. awake til dawn
  2. ...and sometimes I think you want me all the time -mp3-
Jon.Dus from New York is the head of He has a rather wide style range and here presents two slow movers, changing from melodic noise to industrial hiphop beats to wave modulations. Introducing another endangeredkolectiv artist, dudley ghost, on the awake til dawn part...

C. Omnid

  1. Mirex
  2. When will you return -mp3-
  3. Melarancitrone
Albert Casais from New Orleans is a Max/MSP wizard keen on finding the sounds between the sounds, acribically working on the small noises others try to filter out to reach the clean side of music. Three long tracks full of tricks and surprises.

D. Bill Jarboe
funny_bunny 2000

  1. funny_bunny 2000
  2. a-shoot -mp3-
  3. pleasure
  4. pleasure pt.2 -mp3-
  5. "baby"
Bill Jarboe from Seattle may be the one with the most "musical" attempt in between the four representatives of noise in America today. Rests of "real" music remaining under the alienated sounds and a non-abstract approach towards the content of the pieces may characterize his sound best. Bill himself gave some hints how to dig into his music: "'a-shoot' was developed around fashion photography, while 'pleasure' was born from the idea to musically communicate with deaf people. This may finally shed a different light on what social aspects','Four CDs by four very different artists, who are crossing lanes when going noise. Featuring Insect Deli's Winter Carousel, Jon.Dus from endangered kolectiv, Albert Casais and Bill Jarboe well known in the microsound collective. Packed in a wondeful box.

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