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Siemers - Inter Pares Inter Pares 3xCD-R

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  1. milzbrand by store
  2. tekk4 by roner&tesen
  3. romkurz by bad comfort
  4. c-runter by nebogeo
  5. wust by machinist
  6. auftakt by machineboy
  7. pfings by nq
  8. dieswäärts by carl kruger
  9. leselandschaft by naughtyboy
  10. maxm by andrey kiritchenko
  11. krill by toiminto
  12. drea by forceps
  13. atremd_ptb by chaos through programming
  14. rasmbeef by spezialagent
  15. c-rauf by askesemann
  16. 21uhr52 by unassisted
  17. mittelbugblatt by phoenelai
  18. chrbn by unyx
  19. follow by elektrodilly
  20. church of lennon by omnid
  21. tekkmerzhell by instruction shuttle
  22. dropoutgotme by unstern bedroht
  1. unterboot by aljen
  2. maxernstle by pharmacom
  3. boost nevermore by elektr@
  4. eigsprech by sabastian boaz
  5. thee überzwerch by lo-bat.
  6. rhythhh by bill jarboe
  7. malcc by cloe lock
  8. twin by lea siering
  9. endless then by herschel krusztofskij
  10. mstta by john kannenberg and jake elliott
  11. hmda by mizati
  12. tufaust by king kerosene
  13. serdits'ja by sankt otten
  14. zehnhalbelf by makunouchi bento
  15. kleinweich by future remix
  16. malbloras by xenoton
  17. shift-ctrl-rtl-version by firestARTer
  18. indu by acidfake
  19. shithappez by intesticle
  20. neukomb by hyperkut
  21. dwlmy by gintas k


All artists of Retinascan on one release for the first time. Ralf Siemers once sent me this CD and I immediately liked his improvised plunderphonics style and the enourmous amount of ideas that stood behind this miniatures. It was a small step to begin and ask the people at this page to start something with one special, for each artist handpicked, track and most of them came round with something adequate in not too long time. What only can mean: Siemers boosts creativity... buy your copy of the original "Siemers Inter Pares" released on Push The Button Records in our shop or download some remixes for the tracklisting page or just buy the beautiful box with 20 page booklet.

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