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Nebogeo - 0 CD-R

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  1. year of chaos
  2. dakradik -mp3-
  3. melodikore -mp3-
  4. decrement until zero
  5. lines in sand (beach + contact mic mix)
  6. silence is death
  7. mashed potato -mp3-
  8. scaffold
  9. organic promise
  10. vida5 (remix by t++)
  11. anomalocaris (remix by herschel krusztofskij)


brilliant second coming of Dave "nebogeo" Griffiths on retinascan, giving the best examples of what the linux based spiral synth modular and all its extensions can be used for. The pawfal collective strikes again. These electronics give an organic promise. Maybe Cronenberg would've sounded like this if he would have made music instead of films...
Moreover, this release is enriched in flavor by a full 8 paged booklet designed by cristiana yambo of

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