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Instruction Shuttle - Wide Awake With Eyes Closed CD-R

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1. wide awake with eyes closed
2. aurum wide awake with eyes closed
7 unnamed tracks


  1. lonely afternoon
  2. drone bone
  3. wash
  4. grassland
  5. labsinthe
  6. diamond
  7. leftcoast
  8. book drone
  9. acid blackskull
  10. buffer drone
  11. tones two

The new instruction shuttle is - after John Kannenbergs "Gelidus" the second part in Retinascan's series of lowercase recordings, presented in DVD boxes with high quality artwork. "Wide awake with eyes closed" is a calm, not to say silent, meditation in sound, so filigrane and audiophile that we had to admit the impossibility of mp3-encoding.
As a compensation we decided to negotiate with Todd Chistopher about a re-release of his 2001 mp3-album "aurum", 11 songs of ambient-drone and soundsculpturing. that correspond with his "early" recordings for Retinascan. You will find full artwork for this album as well as an additinal instruction shuttle video in the box!

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