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Geocode - Sleeper CD-R

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  1. section one
  2. section two -mp3-
  3. section three
  4. section four -mp3-
  5. section five
  6. section six
  7. section seven -mp3-
  8. section eight

Geocode is another artist from Dresden, Germany. Last year, when we were doing an interview for "cuts and mouse", Konrad "Bad Comfort" Behr gave me this intriguing demo and it needed more than half a year, until the contact was made and the concept was set up. Sleeper is evolving around the idea of each person being a potential suspect in the new world order, in which the common threat is everywhere and in everyone. With pictures by Brian Klein (Chicago), we were trying to give the sound an adequate visual environment, and presented in a clear DVD box, this has become the third part of the inevitable ambient series, following up to the fantastic release by instruction shuttle, wide awake with eyes closed.

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