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Omnid - Fragile Balance CD-R

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  1. Oomiak
  2. Shend -mp3-
  3. Slope Assembly
  4. Pink
  5. Block Transfer -mp3-

The semiacademic laptop scene in the USA has gained quite some attention in the past few years. People like Kim Cascone or Akira Rabelais were signed in Germany with music, that fitted the receptional pattern of the clicks and cuts posse. At the same time, the microsound mailing list, maintained by Cascone himself, often supported the impression, that the surface of lowercase could be easily reproduced just by working with the right programs. Dozens of epigones roam in the net, producing gigabytes of material that seems maybe shiny but completely contentless, especially if the underlying concept is not communicated.
When Omnid sent his first demo in late 2002, I was equally sceptical about his work.. what I heard was stubborn and uneasy. Pink noise was (and is) a main element of his music. Nonetheless, his sound had strong characteristics that weren't to find somewhere else, and the deeper one gets into it and the more you get to know the corpus of Omnid's work, the more impressing it is to see how consequently Albert Casais follows his idea of a certain sound and how recognisable this idea is throughout all of his releases. Fragile Balance is as well adding to this chain as pointing over it by the use of generic source material from Omnids own guitar play. Also, the brittle flow of sound has been refined to a rough wild beauty, that remains in the head for far longer than the hour that the release lasts. This makes "Fragile Balance" a climax within the releases Omnid presented so far and a worthy fourth part of the DVD case series on Retinascan.

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