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Kapotte Muziek - Curing Without Killing CD-R

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curing without killing

Retinascan is proud to present a re-release of the last work of kapotte muziek as a studio project. Formerly brought to you by Fencing Flatworm (R.I.P.)
It is the final installment of a project started in 1987. A newspaper article said that recent research learned that during an operation a patient is not completely unconscious. During the period that a patient is 'slamed' the body is inactive and so are large parts of the brain. One of the organs which remains active during that period is the acoustic organ. Unconsious patients are able to hear sounds from for instance the operating theatre. When they have awaken they cannot remember what exactly they did hear. Additional tests proved they did not remember, not even under a state of hypnosis.
Kapotte Muziek, a long-term project more than a band, including several and changing members around Frans de Waard, mastermind of Beequeen also and the person behindthe much respected "Vital Weekly" newsletter try to take the opportunity to make a kind of sound which is intruding into the unconscious of an anaestesized mind and is able to help with the healing process already during an operation. THe CD-R consists of one 40+ minute track, comes in a transparent DVD box as part five of the lowercase series and incorporates extended linernotes

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