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Retardia - Melon Munch CD-R

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  1. Frosti Fungi
  2. Minus Sine
  3. Puzzling Pixel
  4. Adjusting Transistor
  5. Squares In Chinatown
  6. Melvin San Pitch -mp3-
  7. Money Mutz
  8. Pineapple Punch
  9. Com Verse
  10. The Flop Hop
  1. Empteets Pucker -mp3-
  2. Bulgaria
  3. Blind Storm
  4. Boost Exort -mp3-
  5. Alarming Poop
  6. Bacon India (live) -mp3-
  7. Hoodlums
  8. Clork Me
  9. Wynichel Suit -mp3-

Retardia - is a land where bullies are not allowed, where candy is free, and bathtubs are filled with spagetti. All the cars are made of plastic, and no one cares if you have sticky hands.
I Hal, when I made the album, I wanted to keep the listener entirely entertained throught the whole disk, with wide differences for all the songs, there isnt much congruency to the sound of the music, which could be bad or good.
Try to be more poppy with bolder colors, and prissier - more immature, like pink and yellow - less systematic, and more organic - think more childish, think of old eighties toy packages.
I hope this helps.

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