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Bacalao - Collabps CD-R

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  1. Bacalao and Logic Bomb "Myskatonic Communication"
  2. Bacalao and Ladybug feat. Tryst "Londoning"
  3. Bacalao and Sonik feat. Ladybug "Bass Vagabond" -mp3-
  4. Bacalao and Ladybug "Pussy Queen" -mp3-
  5. Bacalao and Ladybug feat. Poke "Poky Poky" -mp3-
  6. Carolin and Glafouk "Glafoukine"
  7. Carolin and Schmx "Krioshba"
  8. Carolin and Ladybug "Headphone"
  9. Bacalao feat. Stickchick "Suzuki Massacre"
  10. Bacalao and Store "Crab Meat"
  11. Bacalao and Logic Bomb "Myskatopunk"
  12. Bacalao and Glafouk feat. Poutchi "Laver les dents?"


More than a year has passed since we started to create tracks with people around the web.... "Collabps" brings together 12 different artists from! After two years of total silence, Bacalao and Cryo32 come back together as Carolin with 3 new tracks. This will also be the first release for Ladybug and your chance to find artists like Logic Bomb, Tryst and Store on one album! ...

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