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Logicbomb - House Of Zombie Ninja EP CD-R

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  1. Tuning Up (Load)
  2. House of Zombie Ninja (Title Screen)
  3. For your Convenience (Getting Kitted Up)
  4. The Floor! It Moves! (Time Limit Level) -mp3-
  5. Space for Another (Gameover) -mp3-
  6. The Great Divider (End Boss)
  7. The Cost of Right (End Credits) -mp3-


Logicbomb, winner of the VORC artist of the year 2005 award and Londons bitweapon no.1, releases his first interactive virtual gamedisc on Retinascan. Be the Zombie ninja yourself! Buy a sword and some shuriken and fight the boredom in your mediocre life. Shiny black slipcase with phosphorescent text. Stylebomb!

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