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Pablo Reche and Ubeboet - Duae CD-R

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  1. Urbs
  2. Graviter
  3. Circum -mp3-
  4. Natura Duce

miguel "ubeboet" tolosa, head of con-v, from Spain and pablo reche from Argentina collaborate on these 4 tracks to send out slowly changing, dense lowercase structures, mostly made from field recordings.
Miguel writes: "the level of the whole release is adjusted at 0dbvu, so -15 dbfs; i prefer this lower, analog level for this kind of lowercase stuff (which is something usual in a lot of releases of this genre). you know, a quite environment (far away of your computer) is always better for a proper, deep listening. :)".
As with the instruction shuttle release that we presented earlier in the DVD lowercase series, it's more than unsatisfying to present mp3s of this music, because even in 192 kbps quality a lot of the subtle atmospherics get lost. Nonetheless we uploaded one of the tracks here, rather as a preview than as a free goodie, we strongly recommend to get this release on CD-R! (as well as all of the Con-V catalogue, by the way)

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