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Burkhard Kerlin / Brian Klein/ Carl Kruger - Sodaplay CD-R

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  1. tumbling spider - original version
  2. instabiler - brian klein version one
  3. hoshimaru - carl kruger version -mp3-
  4. steamwork - brian klein version two -mp3-
  5. hopping table - brian klein version
  6. hopping table - original version -mp3-
  7. steamwork - carl kruger version
  8. tumbling spider - brian klein short version -mp3-
  9. tumbling spider - carl kruger version
  10. hoshimaru - original version -mp3-
  11. slowhat - carl kruger version -mp3-
  12. hoshimaru - brian klein version
  13. sodaplay - carl kruger mix
  14. triangle walk - brian klein version one
  15. steamwork - original version

This release is a series of recordings from the sound output of several sodaplay models by Burkhard Kerlin, mixed and manipulated by brian klein aka machinist and carl kruger aka mc iedh. What is Sodaplay? Generally, it is merely more than a toy. But it is an intrguingly smart toy with a complexity that is born from the well done constellation of simple tools and few rules that is taming intelligent folks to unnecessary games. Finding the little “Sodasound” add-on on the main page then really fills it with life for every nerd interested in experimental music.   Based on JSyn, a simple java sound synthesizer, sodasound creates a kind of sonic representation of the sodaplay model, which results in mainly humming drones standing for the body tension and middle to high frequency blips coming from the muscle and string work, By these means, the Soda company created - quasi accidentally - a unique musical instrument. The models used in the recordings presented here come from Burkhard Kerlins occupation with sodaplay. The original recordings then were sent to Brian Klein and Carl Kruger, who mixed, manipulated and exchanged sound over a period of more than two years. While disc one presents the best 15 audio files for home listening pleasure, disc two is a data disc showing all models, all missing tracks and the development of Carl Krugers artwork design for this release.

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