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sysExbugFix - Obliq CD-R

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  1. obl#3dev01 -mp3-
  2. vuh#4devX
  3. exo#5devµ
  4. pohl#6devL -mp3-
  5. vuh#7dev&
  6. ursi#8dev+ -mp3-
  7. ecko#9devA


sysExbugFix from Belgium already demonstrated on 192 tHz that he is a master of reduced structures and sublime tension. In the beginning these recordings were loosely connected with the "Popol Vuh", the "Book of Power" of the Guatemaltecan Quich� Indians, later they drifted into isolationist scapes that remind of microsound, though it is also strongly influenced by mainstream electronics. As a real masterpiece, this earned to become part 7 in the lowercase series, packed in semitransparent DVD cases with extended art booklet inside

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