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Sputnik Booster - Assembly_Road CD-R

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  1. 0100100
  2. Android Stomp -mp3-
  3. Atomic Bombcore No.8
  4. Hot Fire
  5. Stage Clear
  6. Drop Your Weapon! -mp3-
  7. Astro Ghost
  8. Nanoworld
  9. Ninja Scroll -mp3-
  10. Oi! The Posers
  11. Bullenschweine Vocal Mix
  12. Game Over



One of the best selling bands on Retinascan and surely the one with the most remarkable lip- and synth- syncing performances on the planet is back with a full length inferno of C64 and Gameboy melodies, defining the genre of chip punk once more and refining the sound to a trademark. If you ever have seen the Future Posers on stage, there's no need to read on, as we guess you have understood what it's all about, if you have no clue what the fuck we're talking about, you may get an impression by going through the booklet to "Assembly_Road". Artwork comes from Nic Cramer and is simply brilliant, teaming up nicely with the humorous anarchism that Sputnik Booster sports. Build and trash your own robot today!

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