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Toiminto - live@home 3"CD-R

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1. kits
2.binary karaoke night out
3. redoe -mp3-
4. untitled opera superstar
5. pupu 2.1*
6. aivoformat -mp3-
7. numbrepeat

plus bonus tracks
(3 different versions)

Toiminto is Joonas Toivonen from Tampere/Finland. As far as we know, Finland is one of the funnier countries in Europe, and with the upcoming Euro they demonstrated once again their strange kind of humour by putting the forest raspberry and two swans (flying over a lake) on the one and two Euro coins, while all other countries made their mind up for strong representations of their homepride (mostly kings and queens, what may be kind of boring, but pretty adequate).
To cut a long story short, toiminto represents this kind of laughter very respectably by the 7 plus x tracks. Between toy electronics, DSP manipulation and hiphop sequences there in no kind of style that remains unused to create tracks that are.. well.. different. It's a suomi thang you wouldn't understand before you'd listen to it...

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