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Spezialagent - Das Prinzip Zufall 3"CD-R

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  1. heute dies - morgen das
  2. zitterpartie -mp3-
  3. brummbrumm
  4. mal mehr, mal weniger

spezialagent smiled when he first saw the 3 inch blanks that I brought with me when I visited him at home. He thought it would be minidiscs or some kind of nerdy computer media. But when I told him that 3 inch CD-Rs are a fine way to transport small ideas, he was immediately amazed and presented to me two tracks he made a few days ago in Logic Audio and that were almost randomly arranged, though very neat in sound. (the DJ in spezialagent remained working in subconsciousness).
I asked him to conceptualize this kind of work, and a few days later he sent me these nice 4 tracks with exactly the same lenghts and all done with the same arrangement techniques. I never would have thought, something that something that was done in an almost academic workmode could sound that cheesy and cool. Electronic jazz, but with a difference

(forceps, 2002)

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