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Micropupazzo - Sanitarmagenta Activity Book 3"CD-R

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  1. intro
  2. deinemutterklautbeialdi -mp3-
  3. acidcrexx -mp3-
  4. chip e chop -mp3-
  5. donnaguia
  6. ammazzasette
  7. tante piselle
  8. screanzato
  9. 200 euro schue
  10. riccardo bensoni e mm


micropupazzo is Italy's secret weapon in the fight against the imperial forces of seriousness. Two agents create miniatures that infiltrate your mind just to explode after less than 2 minutes. Moreover, they even manage to let you become addicted to this kick that rushes your grey mass like an instant injection of lemonade directly into your limbic system. Is this disinformation or is this bullshit? We don't know. But the limited "micropupazzo whoopee cushion" that comes alongside with the first 35 copies of this activity book should make you want to find out... !

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