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Dropdabomb - 3CHNLS4BIT 3"CD-R

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  1. BOMBTRO -mp3-
  2. DANGER -mp3-
  3. MACHINE -mp3-
  4. INSECTZ -mp3-
  5. FLUFFY -mp3-
  6. BASS -mp3-
  7. RETINA -mp3-

Dropdabomb has been established as one of the most recommended collectives for quality music made with the Atari ST. Consisting of remo, stu, dj rewind and rod, there has been uncounted contributions to track-collections by the tracker and demo scene, but so far there were no coherent release of them available on disc. Made on three channels (and with 4 bit), this EP rocks the hell out of the limited soul of the 20 year old computer. Experience the pure raw lo-fi style of this production and you will have to admit that high gloss sound is worth shit if it doesn't make you bang your head.

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