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Roner and Tesen - The Security You Need

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Oivind Godal and Torgeir Nes present drunken master styles, electronic punk music, that this way only could have been produced in Scadinavia.
Or as Oivind puts it: "I have now sent you a package containing some tracks made by Roner & Tesen. The CD contains 7 tracks, 32 minutes appr. All the tracks are performed in real-time, much of it is improvised. We use some sequences, but they are all triggered live. This has some obvious consequences for how the music turns out. Sounds that weren?t supposed to be there constantly pop up, mistakes are included, the tracks tend to last longer than they would if they were properly produced, sound levels are only controlled in real-time with the consequence that we almost hit each other in the head with our contributions making very dense structures. Despite of all this we still think that there is a lot of potential in working this way. The tracks are impulsive and because of the way they are performed even I find surprises when listening to the results. Besides, it is the only way for us to reflect the feeling of sitting in Torgeirs room, having a couple of beers and jamming on a Saturday night before going out to meet some friends or something. The ability to represent such feelings in the electronic music is much neglected, and though I normally would prefer the rationale of electronic music, the logic of the sequencer, working in different directions must be investigated occasionally. The tracks are generally dark and noisy, some of the noises are intended some are not. But that?s the romance of it all."
What can I say?? This man definitely knows what he's doing...

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