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Various Artists - Fishing For Complements

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All tracks available as 192-kbps-mp3s from (we LOVE this service!). Click on track titles to download.

1. nebogeo - dspone (file storage remix) - 2. elektr@ - murabipapageia - 3. delet_er_boy - jumpee spider tune - 4. crashkid - i am i be - 5. elektrodilly - so nah so fern - 6. buzznull - 2 dots - 7. askesemann - lend me your broomstick (krusty wrecked it once again mix) - 8. neofolk - need (substitution reaction mix) - 9. wolfram lotz - sei ein mensch (bad comfort remix) - 10. unstern bedroht - cobalt - 11. makunouchi bento - perla du brazil - 12. dj baniak - young man in a cave

(liner notes by store)

After one year of monthly mp3 deliverance on our page we put the pieces together and release them as CD. For all people who have missed it or who like having some nice artwork with their music. Some also may ask, what's the purpose behind all this mp3 platforms that flood the net with all the lads of more or less talents behind it; who, they may ask, should hear all this stuff when there's already so many music professionally distributed, artists signed and dropped every day by sharky company A&Rs, careers built up and destroyed for the last of a trendy period.
We don't know. Finally it's all about some people having something to say. Finally it's not about the listener, but about the artists. And it's a way of living to stand up and go to bed with music, listening to and producing music like the bread you're eating and the faeces that wind out of your body every now and then. There's no reason to ever hear some piece of music twice, if you once have gone so far to appreciate the very singular being of each tone ever generated, and there couldn't be enough platforms in our opinion to promote that. We hope to get even more promos from you all out there. With the possibility of the all-accessible CD-R medium in the back it's our aim to give everyone the voice that earns to be heard. Go on, pals.
There's no such sound unworthy to be heard

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