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1. kúrybos
2. tyla
3. alcohol free
4. call me again, please
5. dc pagal gk
6. dariui nepatiko
7. 1kHz 48#3 pure

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Texts like these normally start with something like "gintas k, a promising artist from Lithuania" and by doing so mean to contextualise a certain area of the world with a certain style of sound. The usual subtext for Eastern Europe would then be "made by compensating the lack of hyperupfront techno gadgets through a surplus of creativity and avantgarde tradition".
Gintas never felt in a race with the western electronic standard, he never suffered from what he calls "a complex of the former eastern block". However, his music makes a very different approach than most of the electronic new school buddies today, which are aestheticalizing their sound to death, turning their music into designed monochrome sonic tapestries for backgrounding exhibitions. On his already second release, Gintas K is again resisting this kind of tasty reception. (First one appears on Black Orchid records by the way...) Gone through an industrial socialisation, he up to today sticked to the physicality of sound. No abstraction is carrying the content. The sonic experience of his tracks is denying every way of functionalization. His sines and noises never try to represent something else than what they are, and these tones are massive, manifestating their presence on themselves. Move around when you listen to the music. Get in contact. Become sound. But beware: This is not nice, this is ...real.

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