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Every Kid On Speed - Traktor EP 2x3"CD-R

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  1. traktor 1
  2. traktor 2 -mp3-



  1. pablo reche lowercase remix
  2. dr. nojoke rendered remix
  3. andrew duke remix
  4. tb remix

Toni Dimitrov, head honcho of the Acidfake label from Skopje, Macedonia, has drilled his project every kid on speed deeply into the label history of Retinascan. His love for the short distance - none of his releases goes over the 30 minute margin - is taking the attention span of the listener into account, nonetheless you can await a lot more stuff happening in the 24 minutes of this release than in many 70 minute sound manglings of many other releases.

It was quite a challenge for the remixers to decompress the both tunes, but in their very own way, each artist found his way to interpret the dense structures into something completely new. From the total antithesis of Pablo Reche's lowercase mix to the danceable tunes of Dr. Nojoke and Tolga Baklacioglu aka tb, each track has become a perfect example for today's equality of sounds.

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