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Anorak - 14 Secrets We Shouldn't Tell CD

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Nicolas Saez (Bruxelles) and Rene Margraff (Nürnberg) are behind the project Anorak. Nicolas also works under the name Finish your Meal! while Rene continues his project as CKID. They found one another chatting on the file sharing platform Soulseek at the end of 2001. Since they both got along pretty well and they were tired of making music in an isolated manner, they soon started working on tracks together by sending one another samples over the www. They put 4 tracks on a website and after those tracks were mentioned here and there, they decided to just send off a cd-r to Static Caravan. By the middle of 2002, the first 7'' was released. Several airplays by Sir John Peel lead to the record selling out. Anorak are happy to accept the categorie 'indietronics' to fit into or perhaps 'Pop with a twist' would also be okay. Anorak's music is all about the song and that's why there are voices in most of the tracks. Aside from Nicolas and Rene, Coralie (Nicolas'girlfriend) and Charlotte (Nicolas' little sister) are also featured singing. For more info please visit Anorak at!

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