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Madame P - Pneuma CD-R

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Having worked with sindre Bjerga and Jan Iversen, Madame P aka Patrizia Oliva has a crush on noise, at least it seems so, but on this release, her vocal experiments don't hesitate to drift towards text and make strong use of song-like structures, though she never leaves the experimental space that is provided by the freedom of working on little labels. Think of Diamanda Galas with lots of effects and less depressive or Björk minus any will to create poppy appeals or Meredith Monk without the artsy-fartsy attitude. Tracklisting:
  1. Phantasia
  2. Bellezza
  3. Qalb
  4. Dyma
  5. Protom Organom
  6. Animae
  7. Nox Microcosmica
total time: 28:49

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