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Spritze - Spiel Dich Selbst CD-R

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Coming from 2006, there's only little info given about who's behind Spritze and what this elease is all about. It seems to present 6 tracks that were done by a musical amateur while trying out where to go and leaving behind a trail of really nice but only loosely jointed songs/tracks, that are not so much dominated by an artistic vision than rather the possibilities offered by the new tools of the developing home computer. Nonetheless, as no sound is unworthy to be heard, Spritze has done right to compile these disparate elements into a tool that has 6 marvellous arguments to convince you of its necessity.



  1. kalter morensport
  2. spiel dich selbst
  3. nebel machen krank
  4. between you and me
  5. genialophon
  6. wassersprache

total time: 24:30

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