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CPU WAR - Shit==Good CD-R

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Breakcore once was the noise movement of the hour, blending dance and noise structures into a complete new level of harshness. CPU WAR leads this genre into lo-fi areas, where things become even rougher but also less brilliant, so it really is closer to Cyberpunk than the to other breakcore projects like let's say enduser. Nonetheless, the structures are mature and the tracks are not at all unfinished demos. Well, to stop all the bragging, the title tells it all "SHIT==GOOD"! Tracklisting
  1. Trashstar
  2. One Against The Rest
  3. CPU Breakcore
  4. Teenage Destukto
  5. Five Seven Is Lethal
  6. Warstatic
  7. Garden of Luzifer
  8. Deadlocke'd
  9. No Punk Rok (feat. Bastards United)
  10. Fubar
  11. Technological Ghettobeats
  12. Amerikka (Trash It)
  13. Approximately 9.8 Acappella
  14. Descending Vs. Ascending
  15. I've Got Nil (Liz Alexander Remix)
total time: 73:24

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