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Gintas K - Elementary Particles 3"CD-R

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Every age has it’s own instruments and instruments have their own timbres. A computer has become the main instrument in our time; sine waves and white noise - it’s generated and most frequently used timbres.

Gintas created this work as a podcast for folly by using 5 components and their symbolic meanings: 145 Hz and 235 Hz sine waves which are basic frequencies of male and female speech – harmony; white noise - disharmony; 80 Hz sine wave which sometimes goes below the scale of human hearing – hell; 10 KHz sine wave which goes above the scale of human hearing – heaven. 80 Hz and 10 KHz reveal musical infinity and human limitation and, in some way, human possibility to create infinity from his limitations.
Later he was a bit unsatisfied with the limitations of the mp3-codec and so you can now buy the CD-R here in a neat packaging mirroring the purity of his sonic creation.

The work consists of intro, outro, and four parts, that symbolize earth and the order of mankind. Rhythm as a driving force of living is a key element in all parts. Does this concept mean that I’m trying to create the universe of spheres? - No. Does it mean that conception is more important than music? For sure – not. Does it mean that music is above everything? - But music in these times doesn’t exist ... there is only sound art.


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