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Marco Pianges - Inside Explosion CD-R

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Marco Pianges is a new name in the Retinascan universe, coming from Catania in Italy. Active in music since 2002, he opened his work to the public the first time last year, and it's quite surprising, how far the character of his sound developed without the ears and opinions of some close listeners.

Occupying a position right between the styles of noise drone and ambient, one may come close to what he's doing with the term "melodic hiss". When listening to his demo, it was clear that there's enormous potential in this young artist who is already unique in his debut...



  1. analogical decadence -mp3-
  2. junew
  3. error 32
  4. K.t.A.m. -mp3-
  5. conspiracy
  6. save me -mp3-

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