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Various Artists - Minority CD

Product number.: MINOR023

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The first pressed Minor CD is a cxompilation of most of the projects and their special music the label was dealing with during the last five years. Started once with distortion and rough rhythmtracks the research has shifted into ambiental noises, experimental recordings and abstract electronica with a little homage to the old days of uncomfortable atmospheres, odd structures and low quality sounds. Though dealing mostly with home-listening music focusing on the attempt to create structural complexity or conceptual emptiness there will be simple rhythms from time to time, maybe not for rocking clubs, but as an important aspect of electronic music.


01 orchha - ran of kutch
02 0rion sleeps
03 k.o.t - t.o.k (reflex 11)
04 triPhaze - nebelboote
05 sound_00 - dub_autoplate_2
06 lxc - studendenfutter (oh zwei)
07 mr.x & mr.t - feldforschung
08 floppy - miii
09 tlic - onyan
10 ps stamps back - failure
11 jakin boaz - dister
12 the tleilaxu music machine - expectorant
13 myna - brochas
14 yvat - violet
15 tremor - give us 2 min. to toast your brain
16 orchha - amrit sar

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