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Asher - Intervals CD-R

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This new work was borne out of a continued interest in simple investigations of the perception of time. The composition consists of thirty nine fragments which are sourced from recordings made on the campus of Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont. I see each fragment as part of an aggregate whole which can be experienced variously, as the fragments are meant to be played in any order. Thus these fragment represents intervals of time which are interchangeable, and subject to fluctuations in attention—they are keeping an aperiodic time, somewhat akin to our day to day experience. - Asher

One of the unique things about intervals is that it is presented so that the listener becomes an essential part of the artistic endeavor. While Asher offers these brief fragments of sound as single entities, the listener has the freedom and is encouraged to listen to the work in its multitude of available permutations. So it's recommended that you listen to "intervals" as gapless audio in random/shuffle mode. In this way the vast array of aural configurations becomes available. - Larry Johnson

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