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Pablo Reche - Paredes 3"CD-R

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Like the large part of the 3-inch series of this interesting label, this 15-minute small artifact by Pablo Reche provides instant gratification for ears willing to absorb beautiful frequencies in a static setting. The two tracks of “Paredes” possess a whirring quality that instantly brought a comparison with certain aspects of Eric La Casa’s work with the internal structures of buildings. There’s scarce movement, even less interference; it seems that the only reference point is our perceptive system, which captures a muffled wind of introspection for long moments, getting soothed into an inconsequential numbness that is more than welcome, especially if you had a hard day at the university (just kidding, folks). One can abandon the whole body in this current of dull memories, ceding the rights of being angry at someone in exchange for a delicious hypnotic fixedness that the short duration of the disc interrupts too soon. We know what’s to push on our CD player then.

(Touching Extremes)

Released in 2007.


01 paredes uno (7:12)

02 paredes dos (8:25)

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