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Ubeboet - Albada e.p. 3"CD-R

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This CD-R by Madrid based artist and con-v label boss Ubeboet is devoted to a single 18 minute piece. The source material for Albada comes mainly from field recordings - the Madrid underground system, urban tunnels, rain, rocks in the Asturias region of northern Spain - though Ubeboet also adds some instrumentation: bowed steel guitar and small percussive objects recorded in the studio. It's a warm toned gradually developing piece that sets low end drone content against sporadic smaller incidents: elengantly isolated clonks, scrapes and hiss. The piece does well to position the incidents of 'natural' and processed sound within a composition that is always on the verge of pure sound. Such combinations can sound jarring or contrived, but Ubeboet gets a long way through his light touch and ear for detail. When rain begins to fall 12 minutes into the piece, it's beautifully placed, bathing the underlying subterranean rumble in a wash hiss that continues until the end of the composition.

(The Wire)

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