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Kate Carr - First Day Back CD-R

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"First Day Back" is the debut of Kate Carr from New South Wales, Australia, and it's a perfect grower. Definitely not a dance album, this is of a quiet, elegant quality, that is comparable to the appeal of Oval or Microstoria, though the tools used to create the atmosphere are completely different, rather macromolecular than grainy, rather acoustic than electronic, but in the same way innovative and melodious, never forgetting about the certain pop appeal music of all kinds should have. We're proud to have her on the label and hope this hasn't been the last sign from her.

Rounded up by the expressive artwork of Chicagos Terry Plumming affiliate Randall C. Bailey and a specially designed box, this should not only please the listeners.




  1. Guitar Endings
  2. Takeaway Sichuan For One -mp3-
  3. Pulse
  4. Indie Indie
  5. Afterwards
  6. Unit 1 Lot 5
  7. Monday Night, Far From Over
  8. Stuck In The Cinema -mp3-
  9. Taxi To Tarragindi -mp3-
  10. Textopera
  11. Xen
  12. Talk Later In The Week -mp3-
  13. A Fucking Awful Christmas

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