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Rumpeln/FM Zombiemaus Split 7"Vinyl

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YRUSMTSIM is a Munich label caring about
"artists that do not fit certain stereotypes maintained by a mainstream corporate industry - we are interested in the exchange of cultures and different cultural mixtures beside the great sell-out at the point of the individual having the possibility to create art with integrity and intuition - with conviction and conscience" (cited from their self-definition on


This fine Split-Single was released in March 2008
The see-through cover was created and printed by Tagar with printing assistance by Sabine Kuhn.

"Verwüstenbildung" can almost be seen as a quintessence of the Rumpeln-philosophy. Apart from all the humor it tells you in detail what to do to invent a Rumpeln-song. Therefore it is nearly brave to release it because of the fact that there will be an infinite mass of plagiats and imitators soon all over the universe!
The three tracks "My Own Private Westernsong", "Two Minutes Of Silence" and "Carnival Of Souls" are linked together and evolvingly are like the classic three acts in a stage play - they work like one. "Two Minutes Of Silence" is a FM Zombiemaus-track that goes well with the tracks he created in the past. But "My Own Private Westernsong" features thrilling vocals and a lonely melody by a melodica - not the usual method to work in noise or electronic music. It gives you shivers..."Carnival Of Souls" has a dark (even more dark than the rest), nearly gothic-style atmosphere and beat and the changings inbetween calm and loud make seem like an original soundtrack from David Lynch. At least for many the most accessible stuff by FM Zombiemaus.

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