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Stu - Atari Solo 3"CD-R

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The Lord of Atari, the wizard of YM, the uncrowned king of dropdabomb, Stu is back with a dancefloor killer following up to his GreateST Hits compilation at 8bitpeoples and opening the long announced second chipstyle 3inch series at Retinascan.


All new tracks, no lame fill up material, this is the one you got to have in the year 2008, accompanied by a wonderfully crafted gatefold 3inch cover developed by Stu himself and designed by NazZilla in NS DOS graphics. No compromises!


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Average review rating: Number of customer reviews: 1 Retinascan Release Onslaught Continues Author: Burkhard from Köln The first release in this series, Stu’s “Atari Solo”. The release is simply a prolonged beat down of the Atari ST soundchip, especially the wife beating kick stomp of “Ready to Score” and the moaning lofi samples in “Fuck Machine”. Stu shows unwavering dedication to fucking shit up. The sound design alone would make this one of the top chip releases of the year, but Stu also has a number in tricks in store with amazing composition and intriguing mix choices. If you only get one (and hell they are cheap enough to get all three), you’d be hard pressed to ignore “Atari Solo”

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